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In response to the Federal Trade Commission's new Risk-Based Pricing Rate (, Viewtech has added a notice to the loan documents for all applicable applicants that meet this requirement.  The notice is intended to improve the accuracy of credit reports by alerting consumers whose credit applications have been approved but received less favorable rates than applicants with excellent credit.  This notice is to be given to the applicants(s) and kept for their records

It's also important to mention that as the originators of these notes, you have an obligation to retain credit applications and all related documents for a period no less than 2 years.  in cases where you are submitting credit applications online via LoanVIEW, credit applications must be retained for a period no less than 3 years. 

Viewtech values your opinions and suggestions and we are committed to providing you with fast and superior service. 

Please feel free to email me with any comments, questions or concerns –
Tim McFarland
Chief Operations Officer












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